How to Make Cute Penguin Ornaments

These winter birds are soft, snuggly, and easily customizable in scarves, earmuffs, and other accessories. And if they fall from the boughs of your Christmas tree? They’re shatterproof! (Perfect for curious little ones.) Ever Free Coloring

Felt Penguin Ornaments
– Felt in black, white, yellow, and various colors of your choice
– Template
– Masking tape
– Scissors
– Hot glue gun
– White glue
– Sewing needle
– Black all-purpose thread
– Batting
– Optional: pom-poms, pipecleaner, buttons

Step1: Print and cut out template. Attach small bits of masking tape to the template and adhere to felt to make cutting easier. (Alternately, print template onto freezer paper, stick to felt and cut).

Step 2: Cut out two penguin outlines in black felt and the penguin’s belly in white felt.

Step 3: Sew the two black pieces together, leaving a sizeable space to stuff batting. Insert batting into the penguin and stitch closed. Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

Step 4: Use a glue gun to adhere white belly to penguin.

Step 5: Cut out beak and feet from yellow felt and glue.

Step 6: Add tiny eyes from black felt (due to their size, these are easier to stick on with white glue instead of a glue gun).

Step 7: Add a felt scarf around the penguin’s neck by cutting a thin strip of colored felt and fringing one end. Secure to front of penguin with hot glue.

Step 8: To make earmuffs, cut a small piece of pipe cleaner and use the glue gun to stick two small pom-poms to each end. Glue buttons to front of penguin if desired.

Step 9: Finish by cutting a thin strip of black felt to make into a hook. Secure to back of penguin with hot glue and hang.